6001-17 Plastic counter ring for GE-6001 Bakelite sockets

6001-17 Plastic counter ring for GE-6001

Plastic counter ring for GE-6001
Type: E26 Medium Base
Body Material: Plastic
Body Color: White
Edison Screw Lamp holders for North America.

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6001-17 Plastic counter ring Drawing


A plastic counter ring for a Bakelite socket is a small, circular ring made of plastic that fits onto the edge of a Bakelite socket. The purpose of the counter ring is to provide a secure and stable grip for the socket when it is being screwed into a light fixture.

The ring helps to prevent the socket from turning or becoming loose, which can cause electrical connections to loosen or fail. The plastic material used for the counter ring is often durable and heat-resistant, making it suitable for use with high-wattage light bulbs.


Phenolic counter ring for E14 lamp holder GE 6001



What is a plastic counter ring for Bakelite sockets used for?
A plastic counter ring is used to provide a secure grip and prevent the socket from turning or becoming loose.

What are the materials used to make plastic counter rings?
Plastic counter rings are typically made from durable and heat-resistant plastic materials.

How do you install a plastic counter ring onto a Bakelite socket?
The plastic counter ring can be easily placed onto the edge of the socket and secured with a tight fit.

Are plastic counter rings compatible with all types of Bakelite sockets?
Plastic counter rings are generally compatible with most types of Bakelite sockets.

What is the size of a typical plastic counter ring for a Bakelite socket?
The size of the counter ring can vary, but it is typically designed to fit securely onto the edge of a standard-sized Bakelite socket.

Can plastic counter rings be reused after removal from a socket?
Yes, if the ring is still in good condition and not damaged, it can be reused on another Bakelite socket.

Are plastic counter rings necessary for all light fixtures using Bakelite sockets?
While not always necessary, using a plastic counter ring can provide added stability and safety for light fixtures.

How do plastic counter rings compare to other types of socket stabilizers?
Plastic counter rings are a simple and cost-effective solution for stabilizing Bakelite sockets.

Can plastic counter rings be used with LED light bulbs?
Yes, plastic counter rings can be used with any type of light bulb that fits into a Bakelite socket.

How many plastic counter rings are typically needed for a single light fixture?
Only one plastic counter ring is needed for each Bakelite socket used in a light fixture.

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