Compact fluorescent lamp holder

The ultimate Guide to compact fluorescent lamp holder types: Screw-in base, 2G7 base, G10q sockets, 2G11 base, GU24 base, G23 base, GX23 base, G24q base, R7s base.
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All You Need to Know About Compact Fluorescent Lamp holder

A Compact fluorescent lamp holder is a device that is used to secure and connect a compact fluorescent light bulb to an electrical circuit.

It typically consists of a base that screws or clips onto a light fixture, and a socket that holds the bulb in place.

A CFL lamp holder is an essential component in any lighting system that uses compact fluorescent bulbs. The sockets allow for easy and safe installation of the bulb, while also providing a secure electrical connection.

Different types of CFL holders are available to suit different fixture types and bulb sizes, and they are generally reliable and long-lasting with proper use and maintenance.

G24q GX24q 4 needle Plug in lamp holders with threaded barrel
G10Q Lamp holder light bulb sockets for UV lamps
Benefits of Using CFL Holder in Your Lighting System
  • Voltage rating: typically 120V or 240V
  • Wattage rating: compatible with bulbs ranging from 5W to 105W
  • Base type: may be screw-in, push-in, or twist-lock
  • Compatible with a wide range of compact fluorescent bulbs
  • Available in different sizes and shapes to fit various light fixtures
  • Can be made of different materials such as plastic, ceramic, or metal
  • Some models may be compatible with dimmer switches.
  1. Compact fluorescent lamp holders, also known as CFL holders, are essential components used in lighting fixtures to secure and support compact fluorescent lamps (CFLs).
  2. The sockets come in a variety of designs and shapes, but their primary function is to connect the CFLs to the electrical circuit and provide a stable base for the bulb.
  3. CFL holders are typically made of thermoplastic materials, such as polycarbonate or polypropylene, which are lightweight and durable.
  4. The sockets are designed to accommodate different types of CFLs, including 2-pin and 4-pin models, and are available in various wattage and voltage ratings to ensure compatibility with different electrical systems.
Types of CFL Lamp Holder: Which One to Choose?

Screw-in lamp holder: This is the most common type of CFL lamp holder, with a screw-in base that fits into standard light fixtures. The most common sizes for screw-in bases are E26 and E27, which are used in North America and Europe respectively.

2G7 base: This is a four-pin base used for CFLs that have a flat or square shape. It is commonly used in commercial and industrial applications.

2G11 socket: This is a four-pin base used for longer CFLs, typically in ceiling fixtures or recessed lighting. It is also used in some commercial and industrial applications.

GU24 base: This is a twist-and-lock base that is often used in energy-efficient lighting fixtures. It has two pins that fit into matching holes in the socket, and then twists into place.

G23 base: This is a two-pin base used for compact CFLs with a single U-shaped tube. It is commonly used in desk lamps and other small fixtures.

GX23 socket: This is a two-pin socket used for compact CFLs with a double U-shaped tube. It is commonly used in recessed lighting and other commercial applications.

G24q base: This is a four-pin base used for CFLs with a square shape. It is commonly used in recessed lighting and other commercial applications.

R7s socket: This is a double-ended base used for CFLs with a linear shape. It is commonly used in outdoor floodlights and other high-intensity lighting applications.

G24 G21 G23 4pin plug in compact fluorescent lamp holders
G23 Lamp Holder Socket for led CFL bulbs

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What types of compact fluorescent lamp holders are available?

There are several types of Compact fluorescent lamp holders available, including screw-in, push-in, and twist-lock.

Can Compact fluorescent lamp holders be used with LED bulbs?

Yes, most compact fluorescent lamp holders are compatible with LED bulbs, but it depends on the specific holder and bulb.

What materials are used to make CFL holders?

Compact fluorescent lamp holders are typically made of plastic, ceramic, or metal.

Can CFL holders be used in outdoor fixtures?

Some CFL holders are rated for outdoor use, but it depends on the specific holder.

Can CFL holders be used in commercial lighting applications?

Yes, CFL holders are commonly used in commercial lighting fixtures.

Can CFL holders be used with dimmer switches?

Some CFL holders are compatible with dimmer switches, but it depends on the specific holder and bulb.

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