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JAMES has a wide range of fluorescent lamp holders. When choosing T5 lamp holders for your industrial lighting application, consider the type of T5 lamp, voltage rating, wattage rating, mounting style, and quality and durability.

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G5 t5 fluorescent lamp holder light bulb sockets


The Ultimate Guide to T5 Lamp Holders: Everything You Need to Know

A G5 T5 fluorescent lamp holder is a type of lamp holder that is designed to hold and secure a T5 fluorescent tube in a lighting fixture.

The G5 refers to the type of pins on the lamp holder, which are spaced 5mm apart.

G5 T5 fluorescent sockets are widely used in commercial and industrial lighting applications where T5 fluorescent tubes are used.

The sockets are designed to provide a secure and stable connection between the tube and the lighting fixture, ensuring reliable performance and long service life.

The lamp holders are easy to install and replace, making them a popular choice among DIY enthusiasts and lighting professionals alike.

T5 G5 light bulb socket fluorescent lamp holders

Understanding the Technical Specifications of T5 Lamp Holders:

  • T5 G5 Push on fluorescent lamp holders
  • Pin spacing: 5mm
  • Voltage rating: 250V/2A
  • Push in fixing with locating pin
  • PC body, Phosphor bronze contacts
  • Wt.11g, Pkg.200pcs
  • Rated temperature: T110
  • Push wire terminals 2 holes: 0.5-1 mm²/18 AWG.
  • Easy to install and replace.
  • Compatible with T5 fluorescent tubes.
  • Made from high-quality materials that are resistant to heat, corrosion, and wear.
  1. The fluorescent light sockets continue to grow with the newly introduced T5 series featuring rotary lamp-lock technology and bottom push-in wiring.
  2. Our linear fluorescent brochure details the many different mounting, wire insertion and lamp insertion configurations available.
  3. Fluorescent light sockets, med bi-pin, turn type, dedicated T5, snap-in mounting, With internal shunt.

T5 Lamp Holders: A Buyer's Guide for Industrial Lighting Applications

Type of T5 Lamp Holder:
There are two main types of T5 fluorescent lamp holders: non-shunted and shunted. Non-shunted lamp holders are designed for use with single-end power (SEP) lamps, while shunted lamp holders are designed for use with double-end power (DEP) lamps.

Voltage Rating:
Make sure the lamp holder you choose has the correct voltage rating for your application. T5 fluorescent lamp holders are available in a range of voltage ratings, typically from 120V to 277V. Choose a lamp holder that matches the voltage of your lighting system to ensure proper electrical connections and safe operation.

Wattage Rating:
T5 fluorescent lamp sockets are also rated for a maximum wattage, typically between 14W and 54W. Make sure the lamp holder you choose can handle the wattage of your T5 fluorescent lamp to avoid overheating and other safety issues.

G5 t5 fluorescent lamp holder light bulb sockets

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Can T5 fluorescent lamp sockets be used in dimmable lighting fixtures?

Yes, T5 fluorescent lamp sockets can be used in dimmable lighting fixtures as long as the holder is compatible with the dimmer switch.

Are T5 fluorescent lamp holders compatible with different brands of T5 tubes?

Yes, T5 fluorescent lamp holders are generally compatible with T5 fluorescent tubes from different brands.

Can T5 fluorescent light sockets be used in outdoor lighting fixtures?

Yes, T5 fluorescent light sockets can be used in outdoor lighting fixtures as long as they are rated for outdoor use.

What is the difference between T5 fluorescent lamp holders and T8?

The T5 lamp holder has pins spaced 5mm apart and is used with T5 fluorescent tubes, while the T8 lamp holder has pins spaced 13mm apart and is used with T8 tubes.

What materials are T5 fluorescent lamp holders made from?

T5 fluorescent lamp holders can be made from various materials such as polycarbonate, ABS, or ceramic.

How do I know if a T5 fluorescent tube socket is faulty?

A faulty T5 fluorescent tube socket may cause the tube to flicker, not turn on, or emit a buzzing sound. It can also be visually inspected for damage or signs of wear.

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