8 tips to select the Right Light bulb socket for your bulbs

Since the development of the light bulb in the late 1890’s, little has changed to the basic form of lamp sockets. There are slight variations in the sockets as discussed below. The size and materials used for lamp sockets are regulated by Underwriters Laboratories (UL) and are referred to as “lamp holder“.

light bulb socket size

Match the Lamp Holder
Think Size, Shape, Style, Color. Larger lamp bases require larger shades. Square bases may look better with a square shade. Victorian bases need a Victorian shade, etc. The goal is to match to style, or “mood” of the base.

Light bulb socket Terminology:
1)Material – What the socket is made with. examples: metal, porcelain, and plastic.
2)Cap – The exterior base of the socket, locks into the shell
3)Shell – The exterior top of the lamp socket, locks into the base
4)UNO Thread – A tapped portion of the shell for connecting a lamp shade with an UNO fitter
5)Mogul – A large specialty socket made for Mogul bulbs, found mostly in floor lamps
6)Keyless – A socket that does not have a switch in the socket body, used with cord switches or chandeliers
7)Push Through – Toggle switch in the socket turns on/off by pushing the rod of the switch
8)Pull Chain – Socket switch operated by pulling the connected chain.



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