B15 brass bayonet light bulb sockets Australia

B15 brass bayonet light bulb sockets

B15.104C Brass Bayonet Light Bulb Sockets: A Sleek and Durable Solution for UK and Australian Lighting Fixtures.



1. Optional Color: Gold / Silver
2. Approvals: BS / SAA
3. Body Material: Brass
4. Lamp Wick Material: Ceramic / Plastic + Brass
5. Body Shape: Thread
6. Earth Terminal: No
7. Rated Voltage: 250V
8. Rated Current: 2A
9. Cable Type: 0.5-1.5mm² rigid or flexible cables
10. Cable Finish: Strip 7-10mm
11. Terminals: Screw In type
12. Installs Way: Bayonet



1. Brass Body: Robust and resilient, perfect for extended use.
2. Bayonet Installation: Easy and secure fitting of lamps.
3. Safety Compliance: Certified to BS and SAA standards for safety assurance.
4. Versatile Cable Type: Supports both rigid and flexible cables.
5. Threaded Body: Enhanced aesthetic appeal.



The B15.104C Brass Bayonet Light Bulb Sockets are a fusion of sleek design and durable construction. The brass body is robust and resilient, promising extended use. The threaded body adds an aesthetic touch to the sockets.

The bayonet installation ensures secure lamp fitting, and the sockets support both rigid and flexible cables, offering versatility in use. BS and SAA certifications guarantee safety, making these sockets a reliable choice for your lighting fixtures.


Specific Use:

These Brass Bayonet Light Bulb Sockets are suitable for the UK and Australian markets. They can be used in various lighting appliances, including table lamps, floor lamps, pendant lamps, etc.



1. What types of lamps can these sockets be used with?
These sockets are perfect for table lamps, floor lamps, pendant lamps, and other lighting appliances.
2. What is the rated voltage and current for these sockets?
The rated voltage is 250V, and the rated current is 2A.
3. How are these sockets installed?
These sockets utilize a bayonet installation method.
4. Are these sockets safe to use?
Yes, they are BS and SAA certified, ensuring safety in use.
5. What material is the body made of?
The body is constructed from durable and resilient brass.

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