B22 to G24 light bulb socket adapters

B22 to G24 light bulb socket adapters

High-Quality B22 to G24 Light Bulb Socket Adapter – Fire Retardant PBT, Copper Contacts, CE/UL/SAA Certified



– Socket Adapter Type: B22 to G24
– Body Material: Fire Retardant PBT
– Contacts Material: Copper
– Product Size: D42xH67mm
– Light Source Type: G24
– Approvals: CE, UL, SAA
– Optional Color: White



– Superior design constructed from Fire Retardant PBT and Copper ensuring long-lasting performance.
– Securely connects a G24 light source to a B22 lighting base.
– Generously sized (D42xH67mm) for smooth integration into lighting fixtures.
– Comes in an appealing optional white color.
– Earns certifications from CE, UL, SAA, standing for safety and quality.



Our B22 to G24 light bulb socket adapter, created with 15 years of expertise, is a robust solution for connecting your G24 light source to a B22 lighting base. The adapter is crafted from top-grade fire retardant PBT and features copper contacts, ensuring durability and reliable performance.

With its size of D42xH67mm, it smoothly integrates into your lighting fixtures. The adapter comes in an attractive optional white color, adding aesthetic value to its functional design. Furthermore, it is CE, UL, SAA certified, guaranteeing its safety and quality standards.


Specific Use:

The B22 to G24 light bulb socket adapter is specifically designed for residential, office, or commercial lighting fixtures that require the connection of a G24 light source to a B22 lighting base. It is particularly suited for custom lighting projects and fixtures where standard bulb sizes may not fit.



What types of light sources can be used with this socket adapter?
The adapter is designed for use with G24 type lamps.

Is the socket adapter safe for regular use?
Yes, the adapter is crafted from fire retardant PBT and has received CE, UL, SAA certifications, indicating its safety and quality.

What are the dimensions of this socket adapter?
The socket adapter measures D42xH67mm.

What color does this socket adapter come in?
This socket adapter is available in an optional white color.

Can this socket adapter be easily installed?
Yes, this socket adapter is user-friendly and can be easily installed by connecting a G24 light source to a B22 lighting base.

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