Bare Pendant e27 bakelite lamp holder with Black Fabric Cable

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Bare Pendant e27 bakelite lamp holder with Black Fabric Cable

Bare Pendant e27 bakelite lamp holder with Black Fabric Cable
High quality Italian pendant light e27 bakelite lamp holder assembled with our deep black braided fabric cable and black pendant e27 bakelite lamp holder converter to provide strain relief. This is a plain body gloss black e27 bakelite lamp holder for use without a lamp shade. Lamp holder rating is 4A 250Vac (660W) with a maximum temperature rating of T190 carrying UL, ENEC and SAA approvals and compliant with RoHS.

E27 bakelite lamp holder Features
Colour Black
Fixing Screw
Current Rating 4A

E27 bakelite lamp holder – PHENOLIC (Bakelite) Shell, Medium (Edison) Base
LAMP SOCKETS – LAMP HOLDERS with MEDIUM (Edison) Base have durable PHENOLIC (Bakelite) Plastic Shells. Mounting brackets are threaded 1/8 IP.

E27 bakelite lamp holder Can Be Used with SPT-1 or SPT-2 Wire
Shells are made of Durable Phenolic Plastic (Bakelite) and Sockets are Metal Lined
Lamp Sockets Use Standard Household Bulbs
Metal Mounting Brackets are Threaded 1/8 IP and need 7/16″ diameter mounting hole.
Can be used with light bulbs up to 660 watts.
For INDOOR Use Only.

Complete e27 bakelite lamp holder assembly. This light kit includes a high quality gloss bakelite E27 lamp holder, moulded in black, fabric cable (2 core) and a strain relief cord grip at the base of the lamp holder. The fabric cable can be cut to length and then the pendant light can be wired directly into an existing ceiling rose assembly to make a quick and easy lighting update to your room. The lamp holder is non threaded.

E27 bakelite lamp holder is made in China and rated 4A 250V AC and carries ENEC (European), UL and SAA approvals and complies with RoHS.

Outer body thread dimension is 40mm, larger than standard BC pendant e27 bakelite lamp holder.

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