BC lamp holder cord grip for hanging ceiling lights

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BC lamp holder cord grip for hanging ceiling lights
Bayonet Cap Lamp holders for the b22 lamps. The BC Lamp holder is one of the most popular in the Europe and you can have Switched BC Lampholders as well as Un-Switched BC Lamp holder. The lamp holders have a thread in the cap or base which can be used to mount to a male thread.

BC lamp holder overview:
SBC lamp holder for connecting to mains flex
Rated at 2A at AC 250V
Manufactured to BS EN 61184

Lamp holder for hanging ceiling lights:
Ideal for replacing broken lamp holders hanging from the ceiling, this cord grip comes with a T2 temperature rating which allows it to be used in environments that are below 300°C. It is constructed from a highly durable urea and finished in satin white to match any décor.

There is 10mm and 1/2″ varions with the 10mm having the largest range. They come with or with-out a switch and there are batten versions as well. White Plastic BC Lamp holder are the lowest in price but are used on a lot of off the shelf lamps.

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