Bi pin lamp holder G5.3 light sockets with UL





Bi pin lamp socket with UL


Bi pin lamp socket G4/G5.3 Base MR16 Lamp 12V:

Use this wire connector socket to fit any MR16 or MR11 bulb into a hard wire system. It allows you to plug in your LED, CFL or halogen bulbs and attach it to normal lighting wires.
(12v) Bi pin lamp socket.

Each pin contact in the socket consists of 2 C-shaped halves that are spring-loaded to hold the pin.
Bi pin lamp socket with cable leads
Suitable for G4 type ceiling light, halogen lamp, LED bulbs, low voltage lamp and more
Size: Approx. 0.3-inch diameter, 0.6 inch high
Cable Length: Approx. 7 inches
Voltage: 12V
Power: 10-50W
Material: Ceramic
Color: White.

A bi-pin lamp holder is a type of socket that is used with bi-pin bulbs, which have two pins that connect to the socket.



Bi pin lamp socket size chart



  • Low voltage halogen quartz bulbs, light color rendering property closest to the natural light and has a very good decorative effect, the bulb is fully adapted to the ordinary standard halogen lamp holders and the normal work of the existing mains voltage.
  • The light bulb has ceramic insulation tube, matched with the lamp inside the cavity formed by the electronic transformer assembly in the lamp with ceramic insulation tube threaded fastening connection, electronic transformer input pin with two electrodes of the lamp connected electronic transformer.
  • Low-voltage output pin through the bottom of the ceramic insulation tube extending outward respectively connected to two electrodes with low-voltage halogen quartz bulbs, ceramic insulation barrel open vents located outside the outer envelope, the bottom assembly shell.


Bi pin lamp socket types


In this section you will see some of the more common light bulb sockets used with our lamps along with readily available options that we stock for immediate delivery. These options include different wire lengths and threaded mounting holes.

The lamp holders’ maximum ratings are listed so you will know if your lamp can be safely installed in each lamp holder. Please note that the maximum temperatures listed apply both to the wire used and also the ceramic upon which the lamp sits. The temperature at the ceramic will be much higher than along the wire.

1. OEM: accepted;
2. FOB, CIF, CAF, Door to Door;
3. Payment term: T/T; LC; Western union; PayPal;
4. Certificates: CE, RoHS, UL, VDE, ISO9001 Quality System;
4. Delivery Time: 3-7 days for samples; 5-25 days for batch goods;
5. HS CODE: 8536610000
6. MOQ:500pcs
7. Delivery Method:
A. Express: DHL, FedEx, UPS, TNT, Door-to-Door;
B. By air
C. By sea.


Bi-Pin Plug in light bulb lamp holder GU5.3 GU6.35 G4 guide



What types of bulbs are compatible with bi-pin lamp sockets?
A: Bi-pin lamp sockets are compatible with a wide variety of bulbs, including halogen, LED, and fluorescent bulbs.

Can bi-pin lamp sockets be used with low voltage lighting systems?
A: Yes, bi-pin lamp sockets can be used with low voltage lighting systems.

What is the difference between a G4 and G5.3 bi-pin lamp holder?
A: The G4 socket has a pin spacing of 4mm, while the G5.3 lamp holder has a pin spacing of 5.3mm. Be sure to choose the correct socket for your bulb.

Can bi-pin lamp sockets be used with dimmer switches?
A: Yes, there are bi-pin lamp sockets available that are compatible with dimmer switches.

Can bi-pin lamp sockets be used with heat lamps?
A: Yes, bi-pin lamp sockets can be used with heat lamps, but be sure to choose a socket that is rated for high temperatures.

Are bi-pin lamp holders easy to install?
A: Yes, bi-pin lamp holders are generally easy to install and can be done without the help of a professional electrician.

What is the difference between a bipin socket and a bayonet socket?
A: A bipin socket has two pins that connect to the bulb, while a bayonet socket has two pins that twist and lock into place.

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