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Customized E27 Aluminum Ceramic lamp holder pendant DIY light socket kits

Halogen Bulb fittings specifications:

Main material: Ceramic
color: white or beige
Cable kinds: silicone or Teflon or braided or high temperature cable
Cable sizes:0.5mm2 or 0.75mm2 or 1mm2
Cable color: White or black or red/brown
Certificate: CE, SAA, RoHS
Others fittings: bracket, back plate, sleeve, terminal block, terminal etc
Delivery:15-30 days after receiving deposit.

Halogen Bulb fittings lamp base G4/G5.3 Base MR16 Lamp 12V: Use this wire connector socket to fit any MR16 or MR11 bulb into a hard wire system.

It allows you to plug in your LED, CFL or halogen bulbs and attach it to normal lighting wires.

Bulb fittings led halogen lamp base


(12v) 2-pin halogen lamps. Each pin contact in the socket consists of 2 C-shaped halves that are spring-loaded to hold the pin.

In order for any system to operate at maximum efficiency all of the parts must be in good working order and reliable.

For this reason, International Light Technologies offers a range of lamp holders to complement the lamps we offer.

Bulb fittings led halogen lamp base are an essential part of a lighting system and the wrong choice can lead to lost power and lamps not working effectively.

All lamps are listed with a rated voltage and wattage and it is essential the means provided to get the power to the lamp from the power source is a good and effective one.

Under-powering or over-powering a lamp can have a large impact on the life of the lamp as well as its spectral output.



Bulb fittings led halogen lamp base types



In this section you will see some of the more common bulb fitting lamp holders used with our lamps along with readily available options that we stock for immediate delivery. These options include different wire lengths and threaded mounting holes.


The lamp holders’ maximum ratings are listed so you will know if your lamp can be safely installed in each lamp holder. Please note that the maximum temperatures listed apply both to the wire used and also the ceramic upon which the lamp sits. The temperature at the ceramic will be much higher than along the wire.


A bulb fittings lamp base, also known as a bulb socket or lamp holder, is the part of a light fixture that holds the light bulb in place and connects it to the electrical circuit.


E27 Pendant light cord





What are the different types of bulb fittings lamp bases?
A: There are various types of bulb fittings lamp bases, including screw-type bases (such as E26 and E27), pin-type bases (such as G4 and G5.3), and bayonet-type bases (such as B22 and BA15d).

How do I choose the right bulb fittings lamp socket for my light fixture?
A: Choose a lamp socket that is compatible with the bulb type and wattage required for your light fixture.

What is the maximum wattage that a bulb fittings lamp base can handle?
A: The maximum wattage that a bulb fittings lamp base can handle varies depending on the specific model, but typically ranges from 40 to 660 watts.

Can bulb fittings lamp socket be used with LED bulbs?
A: Yes, bulb fittings lamp sockets can be used with LED bulbs, as long as the base is compatible with the bulb type.

Can bulb fittings lamp bases be used in outdoor lighting fixtures?
A: Yes, some bulb fittings lamp bases are designed for use in outdoor lighting fixtures and are weather-resistant.

What are the common materials used for bulb fittings lamp sockets?
A: Common materials used for bulb fittings lamp sockets include plastic, ceramic, metal, and Bakelite.

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