Round Steatite Ceramic light socket GU5.3 halogen lamp holder

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Round Steatite Ceramic light socket GU5.3 halogen lamp holder

Ceramic light socket halogen lamp holder with silicone cable 15CM features:
European GU5.3, G6.35, GX5.3 low voltage lamp holder and lead sets
Ceramic push in light socket
Suitable for use with low voltage downlights
Available in a range of lead lengths
Silicon insulated leads are crimped to lamp holder terminations

Round Steatite Ceramic light socket body
Copper, nickel-plated double wipe contacts with
stainless steel reinforcing springs
Standard lead wires are 18 AWG SEW-1 (SF1)
200°C, 12″ long, stripped 12″
Multi-pin base provides maximum flexibility
and reduces inventory costs
Mounts using 2 screws in recessed nests through
Halogen socket body
Other wire types, lengths and terminations are
available upon request, contact the factory.

Round Steatite Ceramic light socket GU5.3 halogen lamp holder diagram size

Halogen bulbs also known as tungsten halogen lamps, incandescent kind. Principle is injected into the lamp halogen such as iodine or bromine gas, at high temperature, sublimation chemical action with a halogen tungsten, tungsten sublimation re-solidified in the tungsten to form a balanced circulation, to avoid premature filament breakage. Therefore live longer than incandescent halogen bulbs.

After evaporation of the tungsten atoms are moved in the direction to the glass wall, as close to the glass wall, the tungsten vapor is cooled to about 800 ℃ and halogen atoms combine to form a tungsten halide (iodide, bromide, tungsten or tungsten). Tungsten halide continues to move to the central tube, and oxidized back to the filament.

Installed halogen bulbs, choose GU5.3 Ceramic light socket, turn off the power, and the use of the plastic sleeve to protect the lamp glass shell clean, do not touch, such as accidentally touched, wipe clean with alcohol.

Ceramic light socket GU5.3 halogen lamp holder guide

1. OEM: accepted;
2. FOB, CIF, CAF, Door to Door;
3. Payment term : T/T ; LC ; Western union ; Paypal;
4. Certificates: CE, RoHS, UL, VDE, ISO9001 Quality System;
4. Delivery Time: 3-7 days for samples; 5-25 days for batch goods;
5. HS CODE: 9405920000
6. MOQ:5pcs
7. Delivery Method:
A. Express: DHL, FedEx, UPS, TNT, Door-to-Door;
B. By air
C. By sea.

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