What is the difference between G9 and G4 lamp?

In the luminescent landscape of lighting, it’s easy to get lost amidst the myriad of terminologies, especially when they sound almost similar. One such conundrum is distinguishing between the G9 and G4 lamps. As a seasoned member of the James Lighting family, I’ve had my fair share of inquiries regarding this very distinction.

The primary difference between the G9 and G4 lamps lies in their base design, size, and application. While both belong to the ‘bi-pin’ category, they differ in pin spacing and typical usage.

Having understood the basic distinction, let’s dive deeper and unravel the intricate differences that set these two lamps apart.

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What does the numbering signify?

Names are more than just labels.

The “G” in both G9 and G4 represents “glass,” indicative of the bulb material. The subsequent numbers, 9 and 4, indicate the pin spacing in millimeters. For G9, the pins are 9mm apart, whereas for G4, they’re 4mm apart. Such specific nomenclature ensures clarity and precision, especially for manufacturers like us at James Lighting.

How does their size and design differ?

Design nuances reflect purpose and application.

The G9 lamps, with their slightly larger pin spacing, are often bulkier and can accommodate a bigger wattage, thus producing brighter light. On the other hand, the G4, with its compact design, is suitable for smaller fixtures and tends to have a lower wattage. Their designs cater to their specific roles in lighting.

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Where are these lamps typically used?

Every lamp finds its stage.

G9 lamps are commonly found in domestic environments, such as living rooms or kitchens, given their higher light output. They’re ideal for main light sources. G4 lamps, due to their petite design, are typically used in accent or task lighting, like desk lamps or under-cabinet lights. At James Lighting, we often guide customers based on these typical applications.

Are there energy-efficient versions available?

The shift towards sustainability is palpable.

Yes, while traditionally these lamps were halogen-based, today, there are LED versions available for both G9 and G4. LEDs offer better energy efficiency, longer lifespan, and reduced heat emission. This transition reflects our commitment at James Lighting to promote sustainable solutions without compromising on quality.

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How do their lifespans compare?

Every light has its time.

Typically, halogen versions of G9 and G4 have a similar lifespan, ranging from 1,000 to 2,000 hours. However, with LED variants in play, the lifespan dramatically increases, often surpassing 15,000 hours. At James Lighting, longevity and performance always go hand in hand.

What are the safety considerations?

Safety can never be emphasized enough.

Both G9 and G4 halogen lamps produce significant heat. Thus, it’s crucial to ensure they’re housed in fixtures that can withstand such temperatures. Overheating can reduce lamp life and pose safety risks. With LED versions, the heat generated is comparatively lesser. We, at James Lighting, continually advocate for safety-first installations.

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Are the holders for G9 and G4 lamps interchangeable?

Compatibility often leads to this query.

Simply put, no. Due to the different pin spacing and design considerations, the holders for G9 and G4 are distinct and non-interchangeable. Ensuring the correct holder-bulb pairing is imperative for optimal performance and safety. This is a non-negotiable standard we uphold at James Lighting.


Navigating the nuanced realm of G9 and G4 lamps might seem daunting, but understanding their distinctions aids in making informed decisions. Whether it’s ambiance, focus, efficiency, or design, both have their unique roles. And in this illuminated journey, James Lighting stands as a beacon of quality and expertise.

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