E14-D03 screw bakelite plastic lamp holder black

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E14-D03 screw bakelite plastic lamp holder black

Model:E14-D03 screw plastic lamp holder
Serie:E14 plastic lamp holder (Europe standard)
Cable section: 0.5mm²-1.5mm²
Terminal: Screw terminal ø3mm
Components Details: 1 Shade ring, 1 Insert, 1 Full threaded Skirt, 1 Cap with threaded metal (or bakelite) entry M10×1.(Total 4 Parts)

E14-D02-D03-D04 Screw lamp socket technical diagram

This E14 plastic lamp holder comes complete with an internal earth connect if needed. It has a plain skirt so not used with shade rings. The lamp base fixing in 10mm and has a locking screw on this fixing to stop it twisting when the lamp is removed. The ES Plain Black plastic lamp holder is also known as a European Lamp holders.

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