E26 brass light socket smooth skirt with switch


20 years of E26 brass light socket

E26 brass light socket smooth skirt with switch:
Specification: E26 brass light socket smooth skirt with switch.
Model: JMS-E12-50
Hull: Brass + Interior
Approval: UL,CE RoHS
Terminal: binging screw terminal.

Terminal: Set-screw terminals for 0.5m㎡-2.5m㎡ wires provided with shell without outerthreads, seris provided with three pieces of parts: cap, shell and interiror.

E26 brass light socket diagram

Aluminum: Aluminum is the most common and cost effective material for the socket interior.

Copper: Copper is an alternative to Aluminum where the fixture is exposed to weather. Porch fixtures should use sockets with copper screw shell and porcelain body.

E26 brass light socket Exterior Cap and Shell:

Brass: Brass is the most common materials in a socket shell. There are different finishes in the brass shell like; polished (shiny), antique, and unfinished

Brass plated: Brass plated shells are similar to the brass shells in appearance with a cheaper price. A brass plated shell comes with similar finishes to the solid brass shell.

Nickel plated: Shiny silver finish.

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