E26 Phenolic Lamp Wick Push in Type

E26 Phenolic Lamp Wick Push in Type


E26BS.000.3 Phenolic Lamp Wick: High-Quality, Twist Switch Accessory for E26 Bakelite Lamp Holders.



1. Optional Color: Black + Silver
2. Approvals: CUL
3. Body Material: Bakelite + Aluminum
4. Contact Material: Copper
5. Main Function: Twist Switch
6. Switch Options: 2/3/4 ways
7. Rated Voltage: 250V
8. Rated Power: 250W
9. Cable Type: 18AWG Cable
10. Cable Finish: Strip 11mm
11. Terminals: Push In type



1. Durable Construction: Built from sturdy Bakelite and Aluminum to ensure long-lasting use.
2. Convenient Operation: Twist switch functionality provides straightforward operation.
3. Versatile Use: Offers 2/3/4 way switch options to cater to various lighting needs.
4. High Power Rating: Capable of supporting lamps up to 250W for potent illumination.
5. Simple Installation: Push-in terminals simplify the assembly process.
6. Certified Quality: CUL approval ensures adherence to safety and performance standards.



The E26BS.000.3 Phenolic Lamp Wick is a high-quality accessory designed for E26 twist switch Bakelite lamp holders. Made from robust Bakelite and Aluminum, this lamp wick guarantees durability and resilience.

The twist switch functionality allows for convenient operation, offering 2/3/4 way switch options to suit your lighting needs. Rated for up to 250W, this lamp wick can power a variety of lamps to provide bright and effective illumination.

The push-in terminals make installation a breeze. With a CUL approval, this lamp wick meets strict safety and performance standards, promising a reliable lighting solution for your home or office.


Specific Use:

Primarily used for E26 twist switch Bakelite lamp holders.



What kind of lamp holders is this lamp wick suitable for?
This lamp wick is specifically designed for E26 twist switch Bakelite lamp holders.

What is the material of this lamp wick?
The lamp wick is made from durable Bakelite and Aluminum.

What is the rated power of this lamp wick?
This lamp wick supports lamps rated up to 250W.

What type of installation does this lamp wick feature?
The lamp wick offers a push-in installation type for ease of use.

What certifications does this lamp wick have?
This lamp wick has received CUL approval for its safety and performance standards.

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