E26 Push Switch Phenolic Light Bulb Sockets UL Listed

E26 Push Switch Phenolic Light Bulb Sockets UL Listed

E26.203BS Push Switch Phenolic Light Bulb Socket: Bakelite American Standard Lamp Holders.



1. Optional Color: Black
2. Approvals: CUL
3. Body Material: Bakelite
4. Body Shape: Smooth
5. Main Function: Push Switch
6. Switch Options: On Off
7. Rated Voltage: 250V
8. Rated Power: 250W
9. Cable Type: 18AWG Cable
10. Cable Finish: Strip 11mm
11. Terminals: Screw In / Push In type



1. Quality Material: Made of sturdy Bakelite for long-term use.
2. Simple Operation: Features a push switch for easy control.
3. On/Off Switch Options: Versatile application with on and off switch options.
4. High Power Rating: Compatible with bulbs up to 250W power.
5. Diverse Installations: Offers screw in and push in type terminals for flexible installation.
6. Safety Standards: Certified by CUL, ensuring stringent safety measures.



The E26.203BS Push Switch Phenolic Light Bulb Socket is a Bakelite American Standard lamp holder, designed for durability and simplicity. Its primary function is the push switch, allowing easy control of your lighting. With switch options of on and off, it offers versatility to cater to your specific lighting needs.

With a power rating of up to 250W, this socket is compatible with a wide range of light bulbs. Installation is a breeze with the choice of screw in or push in type terminals, allowing flexibility according to your preference. This socket is also CUL approved, adhering to the highest safety standards.


Specific Use:

Designed primarily for American standard table lamps, floor lamps, pendant lamps and other lighting appliances.



What is the main function of this socket?
The main function of this socket is its push switch for easy on and off control.

What is the rated power of this socket?
The rated power of this socket is up to 250W.

How can I install this socket?
This socket can be installed using either the screw in or push in type terminals.

What are the switch options for this socket?
The switch options for this socket are on and off.

What is the body material of this socket?
The body of this socket is made of Bakelite.

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