E26-S04 black light bulb bases

E26-S04 black bakelite light bulb bases for led bulbs

Model:E26-S04 black light bulb bases
Series:E26 bulb socket (America (U.S.A and Canada) standard)
Colour:White,Black,The rice of yellow,Transparent,Any colour.
Cable section: 0.5mm²-1.5mm²
Terminal: Push in terminal.

E26-S02,E26-S04,E26-S03 bakelite lamp holder technical diagram

Bakelite bulb socket components Details: 1 Shade ring, 1 Half threaded Skirt, 1 Cap with threaded plastic entry M10×1. (Total 3 Parts)

Phenolic e26 light bulb bases are made of phenolic resin. This plastic material is known for its resistance to heat, strength, and non-conductive characteristics. In the early days of lamp sockets, a material called Bakelite was used to manufacture these sockets. In fact, Bakelite was the name of those bulb sockets.

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