E27 brass light socket with earth wire

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E27 brass light socket with earth wire

E27 brass light socket Threaded with earth wire

High quality antique effect E27 brass light socket with integrated cord grip to provide strain relief. This is a fully threaded body brass lamp holder made in England for use with a lamp shade. Supplied with two shade rings. Lamp holder rating is 4A 250Vac and is compliant with RoHS.

1.Brass light socket : B22 / E27/ E26
3.Switch:with or without
4.Body finished:smooth or thread with rings.
5.MOQ:50pcs per color
Input Voltage Max: 250VAC
Rated Current Max: 4A
Earth Requirement: Yes
Temperature Classification: T170

brass lamp holder with earth
Material: Brass
Base Type: Edison Screw, ES, E27
Entry Type: Collet Style Cable Grip
Maximum Static Load: 3kgs
Shade Nut: Yes, one as standard.
Recommended Shade Hole Dia: 38mm
Height: 72mm
Diameter: 48mm

E27 Pendant brass light socket Edison E27 fitting with new brass body. Internally this Brass Pendant Lampholder Edison E27 brass light socket features a quality ceramic insert and brass screw terminals.

This precision made solid E27 brass light socket features a high quality ceramic insert with brass screw terminals. A compression style cord grip ensures that the cable can not be pulled from the fitting.

High quality Old E27 brass light socket. This is also known as an Edison Screw or ES lampholder.

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