E27 Edison Screw plastic lamp socket white

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E27 Edison Screw plastic lamp socket

E27 Edison Screw plastic lamp socket
E27 plastic lamp socket / PET / Snap in Base / T180 / 4A 250Vac / VDE / CE / RoHS

PET E27 plastic lamp socket, moulded in white. This is also known as an Edison Screw or ES lampholder.

The plastic lamp socket head is generally made by the injection molding machine with mold injection molded of its raw materials can be divided into the PET, PBT, LCP.

According the lamp bayonet bit different, plastic lamp holder can be divided into E14 E27 E12 E26, daily life, the common base E14 E27.

plastic lamp socket head resistant to temperature to be high, generally higher than for other types of caps can be achieved for more than 240 degrees.

This is the snap in plastic lamp socket. 4A 250V AC rating to suit most standard applications. Carries VDE (European) approval and complies with RoHS.

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