E27 Plastic Wall Mounted Socket

E27 Plastic Wall Mounted Socket


E27.1014.WM Plastic Wall Mounted Socket: Reliable & High-Quality for Indoor Lighting.



1. Optional Color: Black / White
2. Approvals: CE / SAA
3. Product Structure: Oneness
4. Body Material: Plastic PBT
5. Contact Material: Copper
6. Rated Temperature: T180- T210°C
7. Rated Voltage: 250V
8. Rated Current: 4A
9. Cable Type: 0.5-1.5mm² rigid or flexible cables
10. Cable Finish: 7-10mm
11. Terminals: Push In type
12. Installation: Screw Fix



1. Versatile: Ideal for wall and ceiling lighting in indoor and public places.
2. Robust Construction: Made with durable Plastic PBT and copper contact material.
3. Safety Approved: Certified by CE and SAA, ensuring its safety and reliability.
4. Secure Installation: Utilizes screw fix installation for a sturdy fit.
5. Efficient Design: Designed with a “oneness” structure for easy installation and maintenance.



The E27.1014.WM Plastic Wall Mounted Socket is a high-quality and reliable solution for indoor and public lighting. Designed specifically for wall and ceiling applications, it provides a secure and efficient connection for your lighting fixtures.

The socket is crafted from durable Plastic PBT with copper contact material, promising durability and optimal electrical conductivity. Its “oneness” structure simplifies installation and maintenance, while the screw fix installation ensures a robust fit. Safety certified by CE and SAA, this socket stands up to high standards of safety and reliability.


Specific Use:

The E27.1014.WM Wall Mounted Socket is specifically designed for wall and ceiling lighting in indoor and public spaces.



What materials are used in the E27.1014.WM socket?
The socket is made of Plastic PBT and the contact material is copper.

What safety certifications does the socket have?
The socket has safety certifications from CE and SAA.

What is the maximum temperature the socket can withstand?
The socket can withstand temperatures between T180 and T210°C.

What type of cable is compatible with this socket?
The socket is compatible with 0.5-1.5mm² rigid or flexible cables.

What type of installation does the socket use?
The socket uses a screw fix installation method.

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