E27 To GU10 Light Bulb Socket Adapters

E27 To GU10 Light Bulb Socket Adapters

E27 to GU10 Customizable Length Light Bulb Socket Adapters.



1. Color: White
2. Approvals: CE
3. Body Material: Fire Retardant PBT
4. Contacts Material: Copper
5. Product Size: D35 x L130/160/200/300/350mm
6. Light Source Type: GU10



1. Converts E27 lighting base to GU10 light source
2. Built with Fire Retardant PBT for safety
3. Copper contacts for effective electricity conduction
4. Various lengths available (130mm, 160mm, 200mm, 300mm, 350mm) for customization
5. CE-approved for quality assurance
6. Presented in a neutral White color.



Our E27 to GU10 Light Bulb Socket Adapter serves as a convenient, secure way to connect a GU10 light source to an E27 lighting base. It is constructed from Fire Retardant PBT with copper contacts, ensuring safe and efficient electrical connectivity.

This adapter offers the advantage of multiple lengths (130mm, 160mm, 200mm, 300mm, 350mm) for maximum customization according to your specific needs. Approved by CE and available in a versatile White color, this adapter ensures quality, safety, and seamless integration into your existing lighting setup.


Specific Use:

This adapter is designed for instances where a GU10 light source needs to be connected to an E27 lighting base, providing versatility and adaptability in various lighting applications.



1. Can I use this adapter to fit a GU10 light bulb into an E27 base?
Yes, this adapter is specifically designed to allow a GU10 light source to be connected to an E27 base.

2. Is this adapter safe to use?
Yes, it is made from Fire Retardant PBT and has copper contacts, ensuring safe use.

3. What lengths does this adapter come in?
The adapter is available in multiple lengths – 130mm, 160mm, 200mm, 300mm, and 350mm.

4. Is this adapter certified for use?
Yes, this adapter has CE approval, ensuring its quality and safety for use.

5. Is there a color choice for this adapter?
Currently, this adapter is available in a White color.

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