E27 To GX70 Light Bulb Socket Adapters White


E27 To GX70 Light Bulb Socket Adapters

E27 to GX70 Light Bulb Socket Adapter



1. Color: White
2. Approvals: CE / VDE
3. Body Material: Fire Retardant PBT
4. Contacts Material: Copper
5. Product Size: D113xH72mm
6. Light Source Type: GX70



1. Allows the use of GX70 light sources with E27 lighting bases
2. Made from Fire Retardant PBT, ensuring safety
3. Features Copper contacts for effective electrical conduction
4. Comes in an aesthetically pleasing white color
5. Holds CE / VDE approvals, indicating quality and safety assurance
6. Perfect size for easy handling and installation: D113xH72mm



This E27 to GX70 Light Bulb Socket Adapter is an essential tool for connecting GX70 light sources to E27 lighting bases. The adapter is constructed with fire-retardant PBT, ensuring safety during usage. The copper contacts in the adapter facilitate effective electrical conduction.

It comes in a clean, aesthetic white color that can seamlessly blend with most light fixtures. The adapter is CE / VDE approved, providing assurance of its quality and safety standards. With its size of D113xH72mm, the adapter is easy to handle and install.


Specific Use:

This adapter is designed to enable GX70 light sources to be connected to E27 lighting bases. It is especially useful in situations where a light fixture has an E27 base, but a GX70 light bulb is desired.



1. What material is this adapter made of?
The adapter is made from Fire Retardant PBT.

2. Can this adapter be used for all types of light bulbs?
This adapter is specifically designed to connect GX70 light sources to E27 lighting bases.

3. Does the adapter have any safety approvals?
Yes, the adapter is CE / VDE approved.

4. What is the size of the adapter?
The adapter measures D113xH72mm.

5. What color is the adapter?
The adapter comes in white color.

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