G10Q Ceramic Lamp Holder

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G10Q ceramic Lamp Holder

G10Q Ceramic Lamp Holder White

G10Q Ceramic Lamp Holder / Push on / No Fixing / 2A 500V / For Circular Lamps / T110ºC / 4 Pin / PC Body / Phosphor Bronze Contacts / 100mm Solid Core Wire Leads – H05V-U 0.5mm2 / Semko, CE / RoHS

G10Q Ceramic Lamp Holder Features
Colour White
Termination Wire Leads
Current Rating 2A

The tips to choose the G10Q Ceramic Lamp Holder:
Firstly take and look at the G10Q Ceramic Lamp Holder, good feel very heavy, porcelain lamp holders wall thickness, the most critical internal must be copper contacts, the contacts flexibility is better, by hand or stick pressure shrapnel, take a look at the elasticity. But the shrapnel can not be too thin, in particular is used in the light source above 250W, to consider whether it can long withstand large current startup. Screw bulb test with the lamp, to see whether the screw can clench lamp, and whether it can be screwed into place. After a few steps, I think you can judge the quality of the lamp holders.

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