G10Q Lamp Holder for T9 Circular Lamps

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G10Q Lamp Holder for T9 Circular Lamps

g10q lamp holder ceramic white

G10Q Lamp Holder for T9 Circular Lamps / Screw Mounting / M4 Clearance Hole Fixing / For Solid Core Wires / 2A 500V / T110ºC / 4 Pin / PC Body / Phosphor Bronze Contacts / CE / RoHS

G10Q Lamp Holder Features
Voltage 500V
Colour White
Fixing Screw
Termination Wire Leads
Current Rating 2A
Temperature Rating T110

High quality G10Q lamp holder for T9 circular lamps. This G10Q lamp holder is designed for screw mounting and is supplied with two holes for use with M4 screws 31.6mm between hole centres. Featuring push wire termination for use with solid core or otherwise strengthened multi stranded wires.

A lamp holder is an essential part of every lamp. It is the place that houses the electrical connections that allow the lamp to turn on and project light, but they are not all created equal. If you are looking for the perfect product that leads in safety and efficiency, than look no further than the porcelain light socket. This product leads in safety and life expectancy as it typically lasts much longer than other similar products made of other materials. They work well with many different types of lamps, but perform best when they are used in fixtures with virtually no air circulation available for the bulb. Check out our tutorial How to select the correct socket for your lamp.

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