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G9.5 Ceramic halogen light bulb sockets HPL lamp base


G9.5 Ceramic Steatite halogen light bulb socket base with leads

JAMES Lamp Holders & Sockets
Body Material: Ceramic Steatite
Base: G9.5 2-pin
Color: Natural
Wire Leads: AWG 16, AWG16, 600V, 250°C, White,
Maximum Voltage: 250 Volts
Maximum Operating Temperature: 300°C
Maximum Wattage: 1000 Watts
Contact Material: Silver Plated Nickel with High Temperature Backer Spring
CE & UL Approved
ROHS Compliant.
This lamp holder is for 2-Pin Medium with heat sink Base – HPL bulbs






Common G9.5 Ceramic Light Socket 165CM 16GA

Lamph older for G9.5 base
Operation Temperature (F) 572
Length (in) 44.00
Body Material Ceramic Steatite
Contact Material Silver Plated Nickel
Height (in) 1.25
Height (mm) 31.8
Hot Restart No
Lamp Base Reference G9.5, 2-Pin Medium Base
Lead Strip Length (in) 0.375
Lead Strip Length (mm) 9
Lead Length (in) 44.2
Lead Length (mm) 1118
Length (in) 2.16
Length (mm) 54.8
Width (in) 0.72
Width (mm) 18.3
Wire Color(s) White
Wire Type 300C
Working Distance (in) NA
Working Distance (mm) NA
Underwriters Laboratories File No. E31557

Wire Leads: Any UL recognized and CSA certified wire: AWG 16, 600 V min, 482F min




Ceramic Bi-Pin halogen light sockets
Fits G4, G5.3, GX5.3, & G6.35
Comes with 10″ long 18-gauge wire leads that are rated 200°C
Socket is rated at 100 watts – 250 volts
CE and UL approved.


G9.5 T5 UV-C Germicidal lamps provide highly effective UV-C irradiance at 254nm, which provides the needed effect for purification, without the use of toxic chemicals. These lamps are ideal for both air and water purification systems.

UV-C Germicidal lamps are reliable and efficient sources with long service life in excess of 8,000 hours. In addition, the special outer glass tube absorbs the lower wavelengths, suppressing the formation of ozone and ensuring environmentally friendly sterilization.

The G9.5 light socket base will fit all generations of ETC Source Four fixtures and HPL bulbs.



WARNING: Miniature Quartz Halogen Bulbs operate under pressure and high temperatures. To prevent lamp holder damage, the design of the fixture and its application must be carefully considered.

For JAMES warranties to apply to this socket, lamp wattage, current and beam spread must be controlled to ensure that the following temperature limits are never exceeded. At contacts within lamp holder – 225℃ and base lead wires – 200℃.

NOTE: Maximum rating of 250℃ available when appropriately rated leads are used.

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