G9 porcelain light bulb sockets with cable


G9 porcelain light bulb sockets with cable

G9 Porcelain Light Bulb Socket with Cable for Halogen Lamps.



1. Color: Beige
2. Approvals: CQC / VDE
3. Body Material: Porcelain
4. Contact Material: Stainless Steel
5. Fixing Screw: M3
6. Rated Temperature: T250 °C
7. EU Rated Voltage: 250V / 2A
8. US Rated Voltage: 250V / 250W
9. Cable Type: 0.5-1.0mm² cables
10. Cable Finish: Strip 6 mm
11. Wiring Way: Push In
12. Material of Bracket: Galvanizing.



1. Specially designed for halogen lamp series
2. Porcelain body material ensuring durability and safety
3. Stainless steel contact material for reliable electrical connection
4. Certified by CQC and VDE for quality assurance
5. Equipped with galvanized bracket for secure installation.



This G9 Porcelain Light Bulb Socket with Cable is specifically designed for the halogen lamp series, including LED downlights, LED ceiling lamps, and decorative chandeliers. Its porcelain body ensures durability and safety, while the stainless steel contacts guarantee reliable electrical connection.

Certified by CQC and VDE, this socket assures high-quality performance. The socket features a galvanized bracket for secure installation, making it an ideal choice for various lighting appliances.


Specific Use:

This socket is mainly used for LED downlights, LED ceiling lamps, decorative chandeliers, and other lighting appliances within the halogen lamp series.



1. What is the body material of this light bulb socket?
The body of the light bulb socket is made of porcelain.

2. What approvals does this product have?
This product has CQC and VDE approvals.

3. What is the rated temperature for this socket?
The rated temperature for this socket is T250 °C.

4. What type of wiring does this socket use?
This socket uses a push-in wiring method.

5. What material is the bracket made from?
The bracket of this socket is made from galvanizing material.

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