GU 5.3 light bulb sockets GY6.35 porcelain Lamp Holder




GU 5.3 socket GY6.35 porcelain Lamp Holder

GU 5.3 socket GY6.35 porcelain Lamp Holder

High quality GU 5.3 socket / GY6.35 ceramic lamp holder with M3 clearance hole fixings. Rated at 10A 50V with temperature rating of T250. Supplied with 350mm 0.75mm2 7599 single insulated Teflon wire (VDE approved), ends stripped to 8mm.

GU 5.3 socket Features
Fixing M3 Screw
Termination Wire Leads
Current Rating 10A
Temperature Rating T250
Wire Length 350mm.


 GU 5.3 socket GY6.35 porcelain Lamp Holders


A GU 5.3 lamp holder is a type of bi-pin socket used for halogen and LED bulbs with a 5.3mm gap between the pins. It’s commonly used in low-voltage lighting systems.

General default MR16 is GU 5.3 socket, insert two pins. GU5.3 refers twisted thin hanging twisted kind of lamp holders. Current MR16 halogen lamp holder, whether or GU 5.3 socket can be made high and low pressure, because it has a relationship with the lamps inside the drive.GU5.3 lamp base for low pressure, but there are many customers to be GU 5.3 socket made.

This low voltage GU 5.3 socket has a slotted Steatite base and can therefore be used as a GU 5.3 socket suitable for MR16 bulbs or a GY6.35 lamp holder. Rated at 10A 50V and suitable for up to 100W, ideal for use with low voltage halogen and dichroic lamps. Supplied with 350mm Teflon insulated high temperature wires, stripped to 8mm and suitable for up to 180 degrees Celsius.

GU 5.3 socket Suitable for MR16 and GY6.35 bulbs.


MR16 G4 G5.3 GY6.35 light bulb socket





What is the maximum wattage for a GU 5.3 socket?
A: The maximum wattage depends on the specific socket, but most can handle up to 50 watts.

Can GU 5.3 sockets be used for LED bulbs?
A: Yes, GU 5.3 sockets are compatible with many LED bulbs.

Are GU 5.3 lamp holders compatible with dimmer switches?
A: Yes, many GU 5.3 lamp holders are compatible with dimmer switches, but it’s important to check the specifications of both the socket and the bulb to ensure compatibility.

What is the voltage of a GU 5.3 socket?
A: GU 5.3 sockets are typically used in low-voltage lighting systems and operate at 12 volts.

Can I use a GU 5.3 lamp holder for a halogen bulb?
A: Yes, GU 5.3 lamp holders are commonly used for halogen bulbs.

What is the difference between a GU 5.3 socket and a GU 10 socket?
A: The main difference is the size of the gap between the pins. GU 5.3 sockets have a 5.3mm gap, while GU 10 sockets have a 10mm gap.

Are GU 5.3 sockets interchangeable with MR16 sockets?
A: Yes, GU 5.3 sockets are interchangeable with MR16 sockets, as long as the voltage and wattage specifications match.

Can GU 5.3 lamp holders be used for landscape lighting?
A: Yes, GU 5.3 lamp sockets are commonly used for landscape lighting, but it’s important to use waterproof fixtures and bulbs.

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