Gu10 lamp holder b&q GZ10 GU10 light socket with junction box

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Gu10 lamp holder b&q

Gu10 lamp holder b&q GZ10 GU10 light socket with junction box
Material: Ceramic, white or ivory color
Ceramic gu10 lamp holder base with terminal block
Fittings terminal box, gu10 socket extension, wire
Wire: Silicone, Teflon cable, 0.5mm2 or 0.75mm2, length as your requests
Rated Voltage: 250(V)
Rated Current 4(A)
Wire material Silicon, braid
MOQ: 1000PCS.

Ceramic Gu10 lamp holder b&q for standard GU10 lamp With mounting junction boxes
Use this to fit any GU10 lamp into a hard wire system
Item can use for with our LED or halogen lamps.
Gu10 lamp holder b&q diameter: 27mm
Wire Length: 10/12/15cm(approx)
gu10 light socket cable length customizable.

GZ10 GU10 light socket with junction box

Ceramic Gu10 lamp holder b&q with Iron Bracket with Led Junction Boxes
Type: Gu10 lamp holder b&q
Certificate VDE 18CM
Voltage 240V
Working Current 2A
Material bakelite
Metal Material Iron,
aluminum,zinc alloy, copper plating,zinc plating,
Screw Shell: zinc-plating, iron/copper-plating ,iron/brass/aluminum
Center Contact Copper/copper-plating iron/stainless steel
Center Piece Copper/copper-plating iron/stainless steel
Terminal Copper/zinc alloy
Contaction Screw Copper/zinc alloy
OEM Acceptable.

Ceramic Gu10 lamp holder b&q with Bracket/ 100W / 180mm 0.75mm2 Single Insulated Silicone Wire (VDE) with Second Heat Resistant Outer Sheath / Supplied with Terminal Block for Connection / T250 Degrees. High quality ceramic Gu10 lamp holder b&q supplied with stirrup bracket, 180mm silicon wire and fire resistant sleeve outer jacket. This Gu10 lamp holder b&q is also supplied with a removable terminal block that can be used if desired for easy connection into an existing lighting circuit. The cable is secured into the light bulb holder with a strain relief gland to prevent accidental removal of the electrical wires.

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