GU10 to G9 light bulb socket adapters


GU10 to G9 light bulb socket adapters


GU10 to G9 Light Bulb Socket Adapter: Compact and Versatile Lighting Solution.



1. Optional Color: White
2. Approvals: CE
3. Body Material: Fire Retardant PBT
4. Contacts Material: Copper
5. Product Size: D29xH40mm
6. Light Source Type: G9



1. Compatibility: Specifically designed to connect a G9 light source to a GU10 lighting base.
2. Fire Retardant Material: Made from fire-retardant PBT for enhanced safety and durability.
3. Certified Safe: Holds a CE certification, providing assurance of its safety and quality.
4. Efficient Size: Compact design with dimensions of D29xH40mm for convenient installation.
5. Reliable Connection: Copper contacts ensure optimal electrical conductivity.



This GU10 to G9 Light Bulb Socket Adapter allows the use of G9 light sources with GU10 lighting bases. Constructed with fire-retardant PBT, it offers a safe and long-lasting solution for your lighting needs.

The adapter is CE-certified, ensuring its safety and reliability. Its compact size facilitates easy installation in a variety of settings.


Specific Use:

This adapter is specifically designed for connecting a G9 light source to a GU10 lighting base.



What is the light source type that this adapter supports?
The adapter supports the G9 light source type.

Does this adapter hold any certifications?
Yes, the adapter holds a CE certification.

What are the dimensions of this adapter?
The adapter has dimensions of D29xH40mm.

What material is the adapter made from?
The adapter is made from fire-retardant PBT.

What is the material of the contacts in the adapter?
The contacts in the adapter are made of copper.

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