How replace the T8 to T12 light fixtures?

How replace the T8 to T12?

The conference room at my workplace is lighted with about twenty 3-lamp fluorescent light fixtures, currently using T12 with rapid start magnetic ballast, each fixture with one two-lamp ballasts, fluorescent light sockets and one fluorescent light ballast.

How to replace a fluorescent lamp

We”re wanting to change over to using T8 lamps with instant start electronic ballasts, but are wondering whether we should continue with three lamps in each fixture and using a three-lamp ballast or to save even more energy perhaps instead just use two lamps in each fixture and using a two lamp ballast.

Because I am of the understanding that T8s generally provide more lumens/light output than the T12s and therefore using two T8s instead of three T12s would not significantly reduce the lighting in the room, is that correct? Any comments/advice/suggestions about this would be appreciated.

Fluorescent Lights Ballast Replacement chart

How to connect the Gear box?

Took the T8 to T12 light fixtures down to install new wiring, now I don”t know how to connect the magnetic ballast,capacitor and ignitor,3 wires, one white on one end, the other end has two wires: black and brown. Any suggestions would be helpful.

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