How to choose a candelabra light sockets?

E26 E27 to E12 Adapter 6-Pack JAMES UL-listed Medium Screw Base to candelabra light sockets Reducer Adapter Converter Maximum Wattage 75W Heat Resistant No Fire Hazard.

E14 to E27 candelabra light sockets Features:
Type: candelabra light sockets,
Material: Copper conductive piece and flame-retarded PBT,
E14 to E27 candelabra sockets for LED bulbs
Product Description
E14 to E27 candelabra light sockets specification :

candelabra socket adapter plug e14 to e27

Item: candelabra light sockets
Material: flame retardant & metal
Maximum support: 110V-250V, 2A
Certification: CE VDE
Base: screw
Color: White
packing: 500 pcs per Carton
MOQ: 1 000 pcs
Weight: 15g
Meas: 558*280*295CM
Delivery time: 13 days.

e27 to e14 candelabra socket adapter plug

Candelabra light sockets size:
Our great selection of lamp sockets includes the handy candelabra light sockets, designed to be used with decorative, candelabra-style lamps. These lamps include smaller bulbs, andtherefore, they require smaller sockets.

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