How to choose the ceremic E27 light bulb socket?

Light bulb socket, Folk habit called “lamp base”. Since the government publication of the incandescent light bulb socket standard, all renamed lamp base called metal head part on the light bulb lamp. Optional Edison screw light bulb sockets, use screw bulb trial, after When the bulb precession lamp base, Cap-metal part of the bulb should be exposed. Secondly, look at the part of the screw of the lamp base is not fixed, otherwise do not have access to a few back, the screw will With the Lamp spin in turn rotate, thereby touching the the lampholders center metal spring, causing a short circuit. Socket lamp holder, first look at the lamp inside of two metal pole insulated from each other if the good metal column should have a flexible.

E27 F507-8 lamp socket

E27 light bulb socket : E on behalf of the Screw figures after the letters representing the interface diameter size. E27 is 2.7cm screw lamp is generally used in our life is E27 and B27.

Body Main Materials

ceramic ,porcelain ,plastic ,baketile

white color

Matal Materials

 1.Scrw Sheel:aluminium plated cooper/ iron palated cooper /cooper /brass

 2.Contactor:iron palated cooper/cooper/brass/stain steel

3.Terminal/Rivet:zinc alloy/cooper/brass



top diameter 41mm,bottom diameter:34mm

of course, E40, E40 majority for special lighting, general power Lamp with E40, such as a 1000W metal halide lamp, etc. There are also some rather special lamp, such as: G24 lamp, G24 are Horizontal Plug caps.

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