Light bulb fittings plastic lamp holder E26 & E27

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Light bulb fittings plastic lamp holder

Light bulb fittings or lamp holder used for low voltage circuits such as electricity experiments, educational activities and for science projects. This lamp holder features a rolled shell of brass mounted in a plastic base with two screw terminals and two pre-drilled holes for mounting on a project board. The base diameter is 29 mm and the height is 17mm. It holds our 1.2-volt, 2.25-volt, 5.1-volt and othe E10 light bulbs. It has the CE* t180 approval marking and 12 V, 2 A rating.

Light Bulb Base and Light bulb fittings Shape Types
B Bayonet Collar Base
E Edison Screw Light Base
F Single Pin Type Base
G Multiple Pin Type Light Bulb Base
K Cable Connections
P Pre-focused Light Base
R Recessed Contact(s) Base
S Shell-type Light Bulb Base
T Telephone Slide Base
W Wedge Base
X Special Type Lightbulb Base

Easy to use and allows you to keep using conventional light bulbs or compact fluorescents with This Lamp Socket. This Bulb Lamp Socket is easy and conveient for you to use or install. Feature compact and simple design, Instead of the tiny candelabra based bulb.

TheseLight bulb fittings shells are thick black plastic and are typically found in less expensive lighting where the sockets are hidden by the lamp body.

Light bulb fittings plastic light socket E26 & E27, all call as the plastic lamp holder.
The lamp is generally divided into the plastic head, Phenolic socket, ceramic light socket, brass lamp holder.

The plastic head is generally made by the injection molding machine with mold injection molded of its raw materials can be divided into the PET, PBT, LCP.
According the lamp bayonet bit different, plastic lamp holder can be divided into E14 E27 E12 E26, daily life, the common base E14 E27.
Plastic head resistant to temperature to be high, generally higher than for other types of caps can be achieved for more than 240 degrees.

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