Zinc Plated Metal Bracket for G9 Light Bulb Sockets


Metal Bracket for G9 Lamp Holders

Zinc Plated Metal Bracket for G9 Light Bulb Sockets: Strong Support for Ceramic Lamp Bases.



1. Optional Color: Zinc Plating
2. Material: Iron
3. Surface: Galvanizing
4. Locking Hole: M10
5. Height: 5-30mm (On Request)
6. Compatibility: G9 Ceramic Lamp Bases.



1. Durable: Made of sturdy Iron material for long-lasting use.
2. Functional: Galvanized surface offers protection against rust and corrosion.
3. Adjustable: Height can be customized from 5-30mm to suit specific needs.
4. Compatibility: Specifically designed to fit G9 ceramic lamp bases.



The Zinc Plated Metal Bracket provides a robust and reliable support solution for G9 ceramic lamp bases. Made from durable iron with a galvanized surface, this bracket is designed to resist rust and corrosion, ensuring long-term functionality.

It features an M10 locking hole and offers a customizable height range from 5 to 30mm, making it a versatile accessory for your lighting needs.


Specific Use:

Designed for G9 ceramic lamp bases, it offers strong support and stability, ensuring secure and efficient operation of your light fixtures.



1. What material is the bracket made of?
The bracket is made of durable iron with a zinc-plated, galvanized surface.

2. What type of lamp bases is this bracket compatible with?
This bracket is designed specifically for G9 ceramic lamp bases.

3. Can the height of the bracket be adjusted?
Yes, the height can be customized from 5 to 30mm on request.

4. What is the size of the locking hole on the bracket?
The bracket has an M10 locking hole.

5. Does the galvanized surface offer protection against corrosion?
Yes, the galvanized surface provides protection against rust and corrosion, ensuring the bracket’s longevity.

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