MR16 lamp holder with tails

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MR16 lamp holder with tails 12V

Porcelain mr16 lamp holder with tails for LED & halogen lamps
Type: mr16 holder plug in
Electric current: 2A 100W
Voltage: 250V
5KV T250
Weight(Kg): 0.02
Cable choose: silica, braided, teflon,high temperatured resistant
Available cord: 0.3 / 0.5 / 0.75 / 1mm2
Main material: Radioceramic
mr16 connector: Nickel-plated copper

MR16 G4 G5.3 GY6.35 light bulb socket

mr16 bulb holder: “MR” means Multiface reflect, many sided reflection (cup), “16” means bulb caliber (the unit is 1 / 8 inch),the caliber of mr16 bulb holder:16×1/8=2 inch≈50mm, “MR” is the push-in lamp holder,two pins, usually use for the halogen lamps and led lamps,it’s very convenient to install.

bi pin GU10 MR16 lamp holder dimension

Sporting two 10-inch lead wires, the mr16 lamp holder with tails 12V CERAMIC BASE is rated for a maximum wattage of 750 watts and a maximum voltage of 250 volts.The halogen lamp holder has a ceramic body and a mica cover, allowing for more heat resistance. mr16 lamp holder with tails wire connector base plug.Fitting for any MR16 LED light or traditional halogen lamps.

MR16 lamp holder for bulb diagram

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