Porcelain lamp holder light bulb sockets installation







Porcelain lamp holder installation


Porcelain lamp holder installation:

The power left some margin with the length of the maintenance penetrate the wire wooden desk or plastic stage, fixed with screws or self-tapping screws, wood or plastic table on the embedded parts, wood, brick or lamp box, available nylon bulge or plastic bulge fixed.

Stripped wire leather, wire wear seat lamp, the distinction between the phase line and the zero-line, screw porcelain lamp holder reed should be connected to the phase line not to be confused with screw mounts lamp holder.

The wires connected to the terminal screws on the get rid of excess wire, safety lamp casing, shade placement of shade, and the placement of the light bulb.


Porcelain lamp holder installation


Generally used in the installation of street lighting, stadium lighting, home chandeliers. 36V, 24V and 12V line light transformer work lights, most of them with screw caps. The screw E27 lamp holder is not installed properly, they often result in personal electric shock accident.


Install the screw lights should pay attention to the following several aspects.

(1) Porcelain lamp holder type, diameter size, operating voltage and operating current with the lamp specifications, match the capacity;

(2) The Porcelain lamp holder must comply with the conditions of the environment;

(3) the appearance of the lamp holder should be clean, complete, no mildew, bubbles, cracks and other defects detrimental to insulation;

(4) of the insulation resistance of the Porcelain lamp holder should not be less than 2MΩ;

(5) tighten the lamp, the staff should not contact live parts of the lamp or Porcelain lamp holder installation;

(6) wiring must distinguish between phase and neutral line to ensure the line is connected to the neutral line copper wiring connected to the sheet metal.

Although there are so many different types of lamp holders, e.g., such as porcelain lamp holders and halogen lamp holder, there are many different installation ways. Some flood light lamp holders E40 slide and snap into place, some are held in by screws, that’s a simple type, put the new one, take the old one out.

Concerning wire attachment, generally, there is a slot near the holes in which you insert the small flat object.

Halogen Porcelain lamp holder installation


Halogen porcelain lamp holder installation:

(1) Install the halogen bulb, turn the power off, and use the plastic sleeve to protect the lamp glass shell clean, do not touch, such as accidentally touch with alcohol, Wipe clean.

(2). Halogen bulbs use high-temperature quartz glass, Made, such as your hands or oil, quartz glass will lose their luster and become whitish color and reduce the brightness, shortened lifespan, and even glass shell rupture.

(3). Halogen bulb lighting, sealing at temperatures above 350 degrees, otherwise it will shorten the life of halogen bulbs, the halogen lamp ventilation must be good.

(4). Halogen bulb lighting avoids air blowing directly bulbs.

(5). Halogen bulb lighting, avoiding shock or vibration.

(6). Halogen bulb lighting, or just turning off the lights, because the bulb temperature is still high, absolutely not hand to touch.

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