SES bakelite E14 Lamp holders Half Threaded black

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SES bakelite E14 Lamp holders Half Threaded black

SES bakelite E14 Lamp holders Half Threaded black
E14 Lamp Holder / Black / Half Threaded Body / 2A 250Vac / T190 / Screw Terminals / 35mm OD Nut / CE / RoHS

E14 Lamp holders Features
Colour Black
Fixing Screw
Current Rating 2A
Wattage 25W

Bakelite E14 lamp holders, moulded in black. This is also known as a Small Edison Screw or SES lamp holders.

Supplied with a half threaded barrel, 35mm lamp shade ring, seperate internal electrical connection and cap with M10 hole for the cable. This E14 Lamp holders features a seperate internal part for the electrical connection. Connection is made using traditional screw terminal blocks to allow for secure connection. This is therefore suitable for use with all wire types including solid core wires and multi strand wires. 2A 250V AC rating to suit most standard applications.

bakelite E14 Lamp holders

bakelite E14 Lamp holders advantage
1.Using high temperature resistant, anti-aging material.
In PBT for aging test of main production and processing base,
2. it has a high temperature resistant, anti-aging, can features such as flame retardant.
E27 lamp holder design for stainless steel shell with five claws, E40 cap design to eight claw stainless steel shrapnel.
3.In the process of aging test can be firmly stuck lamp holder, can directly plug in again and remove the energy-saving lamps.
4.Different varieties of models of energy-saving lamps, LED lights can conversion in the form of aging tests.
5.Think many conveying equipment factory, energy-saving lamp production factory production lines of aging,


Bakelite lamp socket

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