Single-ended compact fluorescent lamps and lamp holders

Waterproof T8 G13 Protected twin slots lamp insertion screw base with rotary

Single-ended compact fluorescent lamps (CFLs) are a type of energy-efficient light bulb that use a smaller amount of energy compared to traditional incandescent bulbs. They are called single-ended because they have only one base or contact point on one end of the bulb.

CFLs require a specific type of lamp holder, also known as a socket, that matches their base configuration. The most common base type for single-ended CFLs is the Edison screw base, which looks like a threaded metal screw that screws into the socket. Other base types for single-ended CFLs include the bayonet mount and the pin base.


Single-ended compact fluorescent lamps and lamp holders Guide FINAL


It’s important to make sure that the lamp holder or socket is compatible with the specific type of CFL you plan to use, as mismatched bases can lead to safety hazards such as electrical shorts, overheating, or even fires. When purchasing a CFL bulb, it should indicate the type of base required to match with the corresponding socket.


Halogen conversion compact fluorescent lamp holders, including electronic ballasts, characterized in that: conversion lamp capsule by a reflective surface of the base and a superstructure, atop the structure, with the use of energy-saving lamp structure match and match the features with the use of compact fluorescent lamp holders.

On the reflective surface of the base is provided with a plug compatible with the straight tube R7S Halogen lamp holders outlet, conversion lamp holders housing mounted electronic ballasts.

Single-ended compact fluorescent lamps and lamp holders


The electronic ballasts input terminal, an output terminal through a wire connected to the plugs, sockets, respectively.

The characteristics of the utility model energy-saving lamps can be mounted directly to the original can only use a tungsten halogen lamp tube lamp.

Single-ended compact fluorescent lamps. This fluorescent lamp, fluorescent ballasts and compact fluorescent lamp holders tightly into one (electronic ballast placed inside), in addition to damaging blow, unable to remove them, it is called “compact” fluorescent.

Since there is no external ballast, the ballast is also within the driving circuit, so this is also a self-ballasted fluorescent lamp fluorescent and fluorescent activated within.

Through the entire lamp compact fluorescent lamp holders directly for other grid connections can easily replace incandescent lamps directly.

T8 fluorescent lampholder


Trichromatic fluorescent lamps, fluorescent lamps halogen powder should not be used. Trichromatic lamp with high luminous efficiency, good color and longer life advantages.

Although the price is expensive (about twice as expensive), but because of its high luminous efficiency, not only energy saving, lower operating costs; And because the number of reduced use of lights, lamps and ballasts save costs, but to make the lighting system reduce the total cost was first built.

T8 VS T5 Fluorescent lamp size

The G24 lamp holder is a newer type of lamp holder that is becoming more common with energy-efficient bulbs, including CFLs. The bulb has two pins that are inserted into the lamp holder and twisted into place, locking the bulb in place. This design ensures that only energy-efficient bulbs are used with fixtures that have G24 lamp holders.

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