Starter holder fluorescent lamp Plastic T8 g13 led

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starter holder fluorescent lamp

Plastic T8 g13 starter holder fluorescent lamp specification:
Model: JMS-LL03-1
Quality Certification: CE/RoHS/CQC
Light source: tubular fluorescent lamps
Light source power :4-80 (W)
Heat: T110 ° C
Withstand voltage: 2A / 250 V
Starter holder fluorescent lamp Scope: Grille, bracket lamp, three anti-light, clean lighting.

starter holder fluorescent lamp technical drawing


Fluorescent starter, into phase capacitors, fluorescent light ballast, fluorescent, brightness compensation circuit and control circuit, in which the starter when the control circuit including the main switch circuit and the ignition circuit, the lamp can be appropriate when the transformer heating, and after the fluorescent lights generate high pressure in the control circuit to the starter open in order to save power circuit, phase advance capacitor of the present invention to obtain a high power factor values.

When the AC voltage is low, the present invention can be applied to luminance compensation circuit, the lamp brightness can be improved, the present invention fluorescent boot device, achieved by the means of saving energy, reducing the fluorescent flicker, light stability and to obtain high power factor value purposes.

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