Surface mounted g23 lamp holder for led lamp

g23 lamp holder for led

Plastic g23 lamp holder specification:
Model: JMS-G23-DL09-1
Quality Certification: CE/RoHS/CQC
Light source: tubular fluorescent lamps
Light source power :4-80 (W)
Heat: T110 ° C
Withstand voltage: 2A / 250 V
g23 lamp holder Scope: Grille, bracket lamp, three anti-light, clean lighting

Surface mounted g23 lamp holder

straight-tube fluorescent tube divided by the diameter size: T12, T10, T8, T6, T5, T4, T3, and other specifications. Specifications “T + number” portfolio, which means that the value mm diameter. Its meaning: a T = 1/8 inches, one inch is 25.4mm; figures represent the number of T’s. If T12 = 25.4mm * 1/8 * 12 = 38mm.


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