The tips to choose a candelabra sockets?

E26 E27 to E12 Adapter 6-Pack JAMES UL-listed Medium Screw Base to candelabra sockets Adapter Converter Maximum Wattage 75W Heat Resistant No Fire Hazard.

lamp socket adapter candelabra

Candelabra sockets Size:
Our great selection of lamp holders includes the handy candelabra socket, designed to be used with decorative, candelabra-style lamps. These lamps include smaller bulbs, and therefore, they require smaller Candelabra sockets.

FEATURE: Maximum Watts of 75W and the Maximum Voltage of 250V.
SAFE AND RELIABLE: These Candelabra sockets are UL listed and CE certificated. Made from fire retardant PBT material, 200D heat resistant, no fire hazard.

candelabra to standard bulb socket base adapter
APPLICATION: These Candelabra sockets can be used to transforms your standard (E26 / E27) medium size bulb to fit in any E12 fixture. It fits any E12 to the standard medium bulb and enables almost all Candelabra Screw Convertor to work with the output.

EASY TO USE: They are screw-in Candelabra sockets. No need tools to install, just screwing into existing Candelabra sockets, looks like a part of the socket and at the same time increases the length by 1.5 to 2.5 inches depending on depth of the bass you are screwing into.

Candelabra To Standard Adapter E12 to E26 Diagram

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