What is a B22 lamp holder?

Have you ever taken a moment to look up and appreciate the light fixture hanging overhead? We often take it for granted, but there’s intricate design and functionality behind it. At the heart of most of these fixtures lies a key component: the lamp holder. So, what exactly is a B22 lamp holder? A B22 lamp holder, often called a bayonet cap, is a type of socket primarily used in the UK, Australia, and India. It has a unique ‘push and twist’ mechanism for bulb insertion.

Stay with me, as we delve deeper into the world of B22 lamp holders and illuminate their significance.

Why is the B22 lamp holder so popular?

Within the lighting industry, especially in certain parts of the world, the B22 lamp holder has become the preferred choice. But why?
First, its ‘push and twist’ design ensures that the bulb is firmly secured, reducing the risk of it accidentally coming loose. This design has been around for over a century and has stood the test of time.
B22 Brass Bayonet Light Bulb Sockets with Earth Terminal

Secondly, the B22 design is easy to use. For most of us, changing a bulb involves no more than a simple push and twist motion, making it user-friendly even for those with minimal technical knowledge. Furthermore, the bayonet mount provides a solid electrical connection, which is crucial for safety and functionality.

How is it different from other lamp holders?

Comparing the B22 with other types of lamp holders, such as the E27 (Edison Screw), reveals distinct differences.
The primary distinction lies in the way bulbs are secured. While the B22 employs the aforementioned ‘push and twist’ method, the E27, for instance, uses a screw-in mechanism. This difference impacts both installation ease and bulb security.
Pendant Light Fittings Vintage B22 Brass Switched Lamp Holder Antique Metal Lampholder Bayonet Bulb Holder Light Socket

Moreover, regional preferences come into play. As mentioned earlier, the B22 is predominantly used in the UK, Australia, and India. Conversely, the E27 is more common in Europe and North America. Thus, understanding these regional preferences is crucial when manufacturing or purchasing lighting fixtures.

What materials are used in its manufacture?

Being in the industry, we at James Lighting pride ourselves on the quality of our products. So, what goes into making a top-notch B22 lamp holder?
Primarily, they are crafted from brass or metal, providing strength and durability. These materials ensure a firm grip and a long-lasting connection with the bulb.

Furthermore, our team at James Lighting often coats the brass or metal with insulation materials, such as ceramic or plastic. This not only enhances the appearance of the lamp holder but also ensures safety by preventing any accidental electrical contact.

What is the typical lifespan of a B22 holder?

The longevity of any product is a testament to its quality, and the B22 lamp holder is no exception.
With proper use and maintenance, a quality B22 lamp holder from a reputable manufacturer like James Lighting can last for many years. Its sturdy build and design play a pivotal role in its longevity.
B22 porcelain lamp holders light bulb sockets

Moreover, it’s worth noting that while the lamp holder itself might last for a considerable duration, the light bulbs used with it have a separate lifespan. Regularly checking and replacing worn-out components can further extend the holder’s life.

What are the safety considerations?

Safety is paramount, especially when dealing with electrical components. So, what should one consider when using a B22 lamp holder?
First and foremost, ensure that the lamp holder is free from any visible damages or cracks before use. A damaged holder can be a potential electrical hazard.

Additionally, when installing a new bulb, make sure the power is turned off. While the ‘push and twist’ mechanism minimizes risks, it’s always safer to handle electrical components without live current.

How do B22 holders affect light dispersion?

The role of a lamp holder extends beyond just holding the bulb; it plays a role in how the light is dispersed.
The design and depth of the B22 holder can influence the direction and spread of light. A deeper holder may cause the light to be more focused, whereas a shallow one might allow for broader light dispersion.
E14(E12)-1 E27(E26)-4 B22-5 B15-2 Insert Screw terminal ø3mm bakelite lamp holders

Furthermore, the material and color of the holder can also influence light reflection. At James Lighting, we meticulously design our products to optimize light dispersion, ensuring that the lighting is both functional and aesthetically pleasing.


The B22 lamp sockets, with its unique design and functionality, is an integral part of many lighting fixtures. Its significance, while often overlooked, cannot be overstated. Whether you’re in the manufacturing domain, like us at James Lighting, or just an end user, understanding the intricacies of this component can greatly enhance your lighting experience.

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