What is a Mogul Socket?

When navigating the labyrinth of the lighting industry, it’s the small components that often dictate the functionality of a whole system. These often-overlooked pieces can be the linchpin of an effective lighting setup. Enter the mogul socket, a unique and specific kind of lamp holder that caters to larger bulbs. This tiny component may not seem like much, but it’s a pivotal part of many lighting fixtures.

So, what exactly characterizes a mogul socket?

In the realm of sockets, the term ‘mogul’ might sound grand, and it’s not entirely misleading. A mogul socket is designed to accommodate larger, high-wattage bulbs, often used in industrial or street lighting. Unlike its smaller counterparts, it’s built for bulbs that emit a substantial amount of light, making it essential for certain applications.

E39 E40 Mogul Edison Screw Ceramic Lamp Holder Socket with Mounting Bracket

How does James Lighting approach mogul sockets?

Navigating through numerous manufacturers, what sets James Lighting apart is our unwavering dedication to quality. When it comes to mogul sockets, our products stand out for their durability and efficiency. Crafted with precision, our sockets ensure seamless power delivery to the bulb, translating to uninterrupted luminance.

What materials go into our mogul sockets?

Every product’s efficacy is rooted in the quality of its materials. At James Lighting, we prioritize the use of top-tier materials for our mogul sockets. Metals that are both durable and conductive form the basis, ensuring optimal functionality. The marriage of engineering and quality materials results in a product that’s both reliable and long-lasting.

39 Mogul F547-8 lamp holder

Where might one typically find a mogul socket in use?

Due to their design catering to high-wattage bulbs, mogul sockets find their place predominantly in commercial and industrial settings. Think of vast warehouses, street lights, or large arenas. However, their application isn’t limited; wherever there’s a need for bright, expansive lighting, you’ll find mogul sockets hard at work.

How do mogul sockets differ from standard sockets?

Size is the most apparent differentiator. Designed for heftier, high-wattage bulbs, mogul sockets are notably larger than the standard or medium-based sockets. But the distinction isn’t just physical; it extends to the socket’s capability to handle greater electrical loads, ensuring safety and efficiency in more demanding applications.

E26 light socket mogul lamp socket china manufacturer

Is maintenance of a mogul socket different from other sockets?

Maintenance is crucial, irrespective of the socket type. Yet, given their application in industrial settings, mogul sockets might demand more frequent checks. Ensuring they’re free from dust, checking for wear, and ensuring the connected bulb’s wattage doesn’t exceed the socket’s capacity are paramount for its longevity.

The evolution of mogul sockets: Are there modern variations?

Yes, as with all technology, even the humble mogul socket has seen iterations and improvements. While the core functionality remains, modern versions might boast features such as more ergonomic designs, better heat dissipation, or even built-in surge protection. At James Lighting, our dedication is to not only provide quality but also stay abreast with advancements, ensuring our customers get nothing but the best.



To the untrained eye, a lamp socket might seem like just another component. However, in the grand ballet of lighting, each piece plays its part. The mogul socket, with its specific design and purpose, is an unsung hero in many industrial and commercial setups. At James Lighting, our aim is to shed light on not only spaces but also on the intricacies of what makes good lighting possible.

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