What’s a lamp holder socket?

LED lamp holder socket is a kind of device which mechanically support a lamp for the purposes of making electrical contact with the lamp. LED lamp holder sockets’ power waste is low,and have no affect on environment.

lamp holder socket offer a lighting design service for houses and residential property, specially in energy-efficient lighting. LED lamp holder socket which are made of flexible, highly transparent, and thermally endurable material, and forms a straight opening to contain a string of Christmas decoration lamps is disclosed.

porcelain light bulb socket packing

The Porcelain lamp holder socket is a cost effective way to utilize a wide variety of E26 (Edison) based lamps. The simple household lamps as well as photoflood and quartz halogen bulbs. This highly versatile product has an adjustable metal mount with a 5/8″ receiver for light stands and an 8mm receptacle.

The lamp holder socket tilts and locks in place at the desired angle by grasping the stay-cool wooden handle and releasing the locking knob. Lamps up to 500W won’t melt the ceramic base which is impervious to heat. The socket also accepts screw-on reflectors of various sizes. porcelain socket is a common ceiling fixture for lightbulbs due to the heat-absorbing properties of the material.

E26 brass lamp holder sizes

In a recessed lighting fixture, the porcelain socket hangs above a glass lens, typically circular or rectangular. Removing the lens provides access to the fixture for replacement.

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