What’s a pendant lamp holder?

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Customized pendant lamp holder e27 types.
Light pendant shade ring threaded lamp holder types bulb socket light holder e26 e27 Vintage brass Copper Lamp Holder.
Lamp Bases E27 Brass Aluminum Bulb Base Retro Vintage Knob Switch Zipper Pendant Light Accessories Lamp Holder.

E27 E26 Vintage Retro Pendant light cord kit

The pendant lamp has a long pendant lamp and a single head lamp. The former is used in the living room, and the latter is used in the bedroom and dining room. Some of the lighting is installed in the milky white lamp shade, so soft and light scattering, some cover towards the mouth, indoor light is bright bright.

And a cover towards the mouth, lights on the ceiling and bounce down, in order to spread evenly lighting, the luminosity of the weaker, downy and pleasing to the eye lamp for bedroom nightstand, short ark or study desk, style and colors are changing.

Generally divided into two types: process table lamp and writing table lamp. There are flowers, craft table lamp glass grinding of ceramic glaze, cloisonne and plastic spraying products, emphasizes the artistic design and decorative effect.

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