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A lamp socket is the part of a lamp that holds and connects the light bulb to the electrical circuit. It typically consists of several parts, including:

  1. Socket shell: This is the outer part of the socket that provides a base for the bulb to screw into.
  2. Insulating sleeve: This is a thin layer of insulating material that surrounds the metal shell of the socket, preventing electrical current from flowing through the metal parts of the socket.
  3. Center contact: This is the metal tab or screw at the bottom of the socket that makes contact with the base of the light bulb, completing the electrical circuit.
  4. Socket switch: This is a mechanism attached to the socket that allows the user to turn the lamp on and off.
  5. Wire connections: These are the metal screws or tabs on the sides of the socket that connect the socket to the lamp’s electrical wiring.

All of these parts work together to create a safe and reliable connection between the light bulb and the electrical circuit of the lamp.


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Lamp socket parts are factory direct, and all of our 18/2 plastic cords sets and spool cord are available at the best prices anywhere. Our line of lamp and fixture sockets is

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