What’s the lamp bulb holder?

Bulb base led halogen lamp holders guide



There are a lot of lamp bulb holder types. The bayonet and screw the lamp bulb holder belong to the building the field of electrical equipment from the cavity cylindrical insulating housing with insulating spacers threaded on the packages in the separator side of the housing within the U-shaped metal tube.

Fitted on the spacer long metal contact plate installed in one side of the bottom of the threaded tube of the metal short-contact piece, the installation of two metal post on the other side of the spacer as the main component.


lamp bulb holder


A lamp bulb holder, also known as a lamp socket, is a device that holds the light bulb in place and connects it to an electrical circuit. It provides a secure connection for the bulb and allows for easy replacement when needed.

Different types of lamp bulb holders are designed to accommodate different types of light bulbs, such as screw-in bulbs or push-in bulbs, and may also vary in size, shape, and material depending on the intended use and application.


Porcelain keyless lamp holders



At both ends of the lamp bulb holder threaded pipe diameter from the tube the rim wall down to open two symmetrical L-shaped bulb hanging slot open U-shaped notch on the bottom of the threaded pipe.

The gaps at the outcrop partition, partition coat has long contact piece, long, short contact piece is connected with the metal terminal on the other side of the spacer, respectively, and two terminals respectively connected with one pole of the power supply.

The generic lamp bulb holder can be convenient comfortable tipping bayonet, screw incandescent bulbs or fluorescent energy-saving lamp.

Technically, A series of lights made of aluminium and blown glass developed around the formal and functional definition of the E27 lamp holder, the real technical and conceptual barycentre of the project.


E27 porcelain lamp holder light bulb sockets


Its volume highlights and includes various functions: it is at one and the same time the support for the light bulb, the support for the diffuser, connection – through the stem – to the supporting lamp base and it houses the button to switch on or regulate the intensity of the light.

The cylindrical form solves the assembly and disassembly of these components in an elementary way by means of a series of threaded ferrules.


porcelain lamp bulb holder




Advantages of porcelain lamp holder replace aluminum alloy lamp bulb holder.
1,A cooling effect, reduce the light fades
2, High dielectric strength, high safety factor
3, Resistant, high temperature, corrosion-resistant, long life
4, Ceramic insulation; superior thermal performance; appearance of high-end, consistency and stability; safety factor, easy installation, wide range of applications.

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