What’s the Lamp holder rated voltage?

Lamp holder rated voltage:
The maximum operating voltage expected by the manufacturer for the light bulb socket.

working voltage:
When the lamp works under normal conditions and the lamp is pulled out of the lamp holder, the highest voltage may occur at either end of the insulator at the lamp holder.

bulb holders types

Rated current:
Maximum current expected by the manufacturer for the lamp holder.

Built in lamp holder:
Design and installation of lampholders for luminaires, enclosures, and similar devices.

unenclosed lampholder:
In order to meet the requirements of electric shock protection for this standard, an internal lamp holder is required to take additional measures (e.g., enclosure).

enclosed lampholder:
Its own fully meet the requirements of this standard anti electric shock protection of the internal lampholders

Rated operating temperature:
The highest working temperature of lamp holder design.

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