What’s a light bulb adapter?


A light bulb adapter, also known as a lamp holder adapter, is a device that allows you to fit a light bulb with one type of base into a lamp holder or light socket of a different type.

For example, if you have a lamp with a small E12 candelabra socket, but you want to use a standard E26 bulb, you can use an E12 to E26 adapter. The adapter has an E12 base that screws into the existing candelabra socket, and an E26 socket into which you can screw the standard bulb.

Here are some common types of light bulb adapters:

  1. Socket Reducers: These adapters allow a bulb with a smaller base to fit into a larger socket. For example, an E26 to E12 adapter would allow you to use a small candelabra bulb in a standard socket.
  2. Socket Enlargers: These adapters allow a bulb with a larger base to fit into a smaller socket. An E12 to E26 adapter would be an example of a socket enlarger.
  3. Socket Extenders: These increase the length or adjust the angle of the bulb in the socket, allowing you to position the bulb more effectively for your lighting needs.
  4. Pin Base to Screw Base Adapters: These adapters let you use a bulb with a pin base in a screw-base socket.
  5. Screw Base to Pin Base Adapters: These let you use a screw-base bulb in a pin-base socket.
  6. Y or T Adapters: These adapters allow you to fit two bulbs into a single socket.
  7. Plug to Socket Adapters: These adapters allow you to screw a bulb into a socket that is designed to accept a plug, effectively turning the outlet into a light socket.

Remember, even though adapters can be very useful, it’s important to consider the wattage and heat output of any bulb you’re using with an adapter to avoid overheating or fire hazards. It’s also crucial to consider the physical space in your fixture – larger bulbs or those positioned differently due to an adapter might not fit safely within the fixture.


E14 to GU10 light bulb adapter


Light bulb adapter purpose is to solve the existing screw and light bulb holders not generic characteristics of the utility model:

  • a screw lamp with a light bulb holders connection constitutes a screw change light bulb holder points;
  • a jack lamp with a light bulb holders join constitutes screw jack becomes sub lamp holders. the utility model particularly suitable for home use.
  • Simply when existing lamps and lamp interface discrepancies the porcelain light socket screwed one of the interface converter lamp holder existing lights can be fitted using.


GU10 E27 E14 B22 Screw Sockets Lot Lamp Bulb Adapter


A light bulb adapter is any part or device that is used to either convert a lamp from one type of power source to another or that enables parts from one or more lamps or machines to be used on a lamp for which they were not originally designed.

They are essential for transforming antique gas or oil lamps into appliances that can run on electricity. Adapters that physically connect parts that have been manufactured separately are also used when assembling an entirely new or otherwise homebuilt lamp.

Both power source and physical light bulb adapters are therefore crucial to any hobbyist, artist, or decorator who intends to create an entirely unique piece or that desires to add an historical, yet functional, touch to their home or office.

Light bulb adapter specification:

Body material: Flame retardant PBT
Contact material: Copper
Weight: 17.3G
Packing: 600PCS/CTN
Meas.: 460*250*235mm
CE certificate.


Light bulb adapter


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light bulb adapter in a variety of configurations for different light bulb adapters, electrical outlets, and pull chains. Such as follows:

1, E27 to B22 light bulb adapter
2, E27 to GU10 light bulb adapter
3, E27 to MR16 light bulb adapter
4, E27 to E14 light bulb adapter
5, B22 to E27 light bulb socket adapter
6, B22 to GU10 light bulb socket adapter
7, B22 to E14 light bulb socket adapter
8, B22 to MR16 light bulb adapter
9, GU10 to MR16 light bulb socket adapter
10, GU10 to E27 light bulb socket adapter
11, GU10 to B22 light bulb socket adapter
12, MR16 to E27 Lamp socket adaptor
13, MR16 to B22 Lamp socket adaptor
14, MR16 to E14 Lamp socket adaptor
15, MR16 to GU10 Lamph older adaptor
16, E14 to E27 Lamp holder adaptor
17, E14 to B22 Lamp socket adaptor
18, E14 to GU10 Lamp holder adaptor
19, E14 to MR16 Lamp holder adaptor.


edison screw lamp holder adapter e14


A light bulb socket adapter, also known as a bulb converter or lamp holder adapter, is a base that allows you to use light bulbs of different sizes or types in a lamp or light fixture designed for a different type of bulb.

For example, if you have a lamp that is designed for a standard screw-in bulb with a medium base (E26), but you want to use a smaller candelabra bulb with a smaller base (E12), you can use a light bulb adapter to make the smaller bulb fit into the larger socket.

There are also light bulb adapters that allow you to convert a standard bulb socket to a different type of socket, such as a GU10 or MR16 socket for use with halogen or LED bulbs. Light bulb adapters can be useful when you want to change the type or size of bulb used in a light fixture without having to replace the entire fixture.

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