What’s the light socket lamp holder extender?




E27 To E27 Lamp Base Converter 80mm Lamp Holder Extender E27 Universal Lamp Holder Conversion

A light socket extender is a lamp holder that is used to extend the reach or height of a light bulb socket.

The socket is typically a simple device that screws into an existing socket and provides a new socket in a different position or orientation.

This holder can be useful in situations where a light bulb needs to be positioned differently, or where a taller lampshade or fixture is being used. Light socket extenders are available in a variety of sizes and styles to fit different types of sockets and fixtures.


The metal and heat resistant PBT plastic (polybutylene terephthalate, (C12H12O4) n, melting point 223°C, plasticity at 125 °C). Some items utilise ceramics for certain parts. All items below meet European electrical regulations and have CE certification.


E14 to E27 light socket extender


Please note when ordering the male refers to the part that will be inserted into your lamp/luminaire light socket extender and the female is referring to the part.

The socket will take the light bulb whether it be incandescent, low energy halogen, CFL compact fluorescent lights, or the latest LED/SMD bulb replacements.

e.g., B22 Male to E27 Female light socket extender, is to allow an Edison screw light bulb to be used in the bayonet lamp holder of your lamp/luminaire.

ADAPTOR E40 TO E27, well designed lamp socket adaptor to allow the use of ES & E27 Large Screw lamps in antique lamps fitted with the very large E40 or GES type porcelain lamp holders.

light socket extender


This product enables you to use a wide range of the standard Edison Screw lamps which are much more readily available than the specialist GES lamps. Will work with all voltages from 110 to 240.

This light socket extender (Bayonet to screw) works well as long as you do not have older light fittings/connections.

The depth between the bayonets is not long enough when compared to a bayonet bulb for example, it is only a couple of millimetres but it makes it impossible to fit when: The light shade has a thicker than a couple of millimetre holder, or the plastic screw in fittings/connectors on the light are of the longer type.

B15, b22, e12, e14, e27, e40, g24, g9, gu10, mr16. B22 to E40 – 80mm high by 48mm. B15 to GU10 – 54mm high by 35mm wide. B22 to B15 – 44mm high by 27mm wide. B15 to E14 – 32mm high by 17mm wide.


E27 Light bulb socket extender


For example, E14 to E27 light sockeexample, Er.
Change your E14 screw to E27 screw fitting
Suitable for all voltage
Dimensions: 1.69 in x 1.1 in x 1.1 in (4.3 cm x 2.8 cm x 2.8 cm)
Weight: 0.67 oz (19 g)

A great solution for sympathetic restoration of Benjamin and other lamps, also very useful for replacing sodium and metal halide lamps and grow lamps, all those kinds of situations!

E27 Light Socket Extender 14cm Extension Socket Flexible Extender Adapter Adjustable Vertical Medium Light Bulb

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